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KoAloha Hawaiian Koa Ukulelee

Welcome to Andy's Ukes.
There have been huge, well 600 square foot changes to Andys Uke's.
A years worth of blood, sweat and no tears is almost finished.
600 feet of humidified wood instrument heaven.
The hours will be awkward at best.
The reality is the frame shop paid for all this and it's still what pays the bills. So that will continue for a while yet, so please bear with me I'm sure you'll find it well worth it.
But Sunday - Tuesday pretty much anytime (11-6+) if you call ahead.
It's still a work in progress with the required daily trips to Lowes.
Wed. - Sat. evenings with a call ahead also.

I was talking to Ken Middleton the other day (emails) and he made a point, a rather valid point "most people who buy Ukuleles buy them with their eyes".
I never really thought of it that way, but I guess with everything being online and brick n mortar stores struggling to survive. I guess it's come to that.
I'm seriously old school, OK a Dinosaur, I want to fondle and hear an instrument. Better yet be able to compare them back to back.
And after it's said and done I'm an incurable gear head and tone junkie.
So either way, if you're looking for serious bling and blow you away good looks or "that sound" you've heard in your head, I will do what I can to help you find just the right Uke for you.

Hawaii in Albuquerque? Yep......
In addition to Kamaka we have the honor of representing the products from KoAloha.
Kamaka was one of the originators of Ukuleles dating back to 1916 and they have been a family business in continuous production ever since.
Kamaka's are built to order in their own factory keeping to the original design and construction and are know for that "Kamaka Sound" some say the sound of Hawaii.
I now have a HF-3 Tenor basic Koa here so Albuquerque Ukulele players can experience a true Hawaiian Ukulele first hand.
It is an honor to represent Kamaka and the Kamaka family.

KoAloha are also a Hawaiian family owned business and make their "Production and Custom instruments in Hawaii.
They also have a factory that they run in Thailand where they build the Opio line of instruments to the same specs by people trained by them using more budget friendly materials.
They are then sent to Hawaii for inspection and set up.

So, back to what makes us special and why should you buy your Ukulele from us?
Service, I personally set up every Ukulele I sell. Not just a quick once over, but a real setup. Fret level is checked and adjusted, the frets are dressed so they are smooth and rounded over. The nuts and saddles are set to ensure a comfortable playing experience.
I do this on every Ukulele I sell not just the higher end Uke's but even the more entry level Ukuleles.
Why? Because every Ukulele deserves a great set up.
Because if it isn't a joy to play you won't enjoy playing it. It's just that simple.
We sell everything at a no haggle MAP pricing plus shipping, if applicable.
Great service, great instruments, what buying used to be right here in Albuquerque.

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