Well it's been a journey, and it's only just beginning, how to get the very best (professional) pictures.

"Because every great Uke deserves a great picture"


Six strings are here. I have the Ohana Guitarlele and Micro guitar and the Guitarlele from Lanikai.
Baritone's I have Baritone's from Lanikai, Ohana and Cordoba.

I have new Enya's here the Nova Go travel guitar and Nova U Pro Poly /Carbon in tenor and the MS all solid Mahogany in tenor and concert.

To be perfectly honest I haven't been a big fan of all solid mahogany. Not that they are bad, I've just liked other things better......
Well so far I'm really impressed with the Enya MS series, bright, clear, not overly loud but they do speak. Is it the bracing? the wood?, the finish? all of the above? Don't know, and I don't care, I like them.


Enya Ukuleles are here @ Andy's Ukes.
They make some really great instruments, their claim to fame is their line of carbon reinforced polymer instruments.
But don't take my word for it, check out what Barry at "Got A Uke" has to say about them.
Are they for everyone? No
Will they replace wood instruments? No
Will they be great for camping or ...... Yes
And for New Mexico's insane 10% to 80% humidity swings.... no worries it can't crack, separate at a seam or have the neck twist. 

enya nova pro.webp

Also here from Enya is their all solid Mahogany in Tenor and Concert. It has  a radius Richlite fret board which is really nice and not found on many Ukes at this price point.

Enya MS.webp

The new KoAloha's are here and they are as expected..... AMAZING I will be writing more about them once they are set up.

Not only Kamaka but now KoAloha.
After extensive research I believe these are two of the finest Ukulele's on the planet.
While they are both hand build in Hawaii, they are noticeably different from one another.
Note: the Opio line of KoAloha are made in their factory in Thailand using virtually the same construction technique's and trained by the staff in Hawaii.
So whether you are looking for the "Traditional Hawaiian" sound ,the Kamaka or the newer more modern sound the KoAloha we can get them for you, and they are here to try out.


Koaloha 1.jpg

And the Kamaka is here and it's stunning. What a magnificent instrument.
This will give people the opportunity to "hands on" play a true legend in Ukuleles. (By appointment)
While they are not inexpensive I know they sell as fast as they can produce them, so someone is buying them.
At the least you can find out what a "real Hawaiian Ukulele" is like.


The new 96 Arts are in I have 2 new Redwood / Myrtle in stock.
I'll post the details ASAP.


96 RW 1 FT_edited.jpg
96 RW 1 BK_edited.jpg
96 RW 1 END.jpg
96 RW 2 FT_edited.jpg
96 RW 2  BIND TORT_edited_edited.jpg
96 RW 2 BK_edited.jpg
96 RW 2 END_edited.jpg