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I will post links that I think might be helpful to buyers and those in the Albuquerque Ukulele community.
If you have any suggestions please let me know.

There is a lot of valuable information, demos and reviews at Ohana's site

"Got a Uke" is another great reference for the Uke world and I enjoy his quirky and informative reviews. And yes he is only slightly opinionated, but that's what I enjoy.

Really Kool link to classic Ukuleles from the start of it all.

Ukulele (online magazine)

Judy Muldawer all around great Ukulele resource for Albuquerque
lots of information on her site.

Lesson near Albuquerque

Ukulele Community at the Library

Chord charts

Festivals, jams and get together's.
While covid has put a damper on public gatherings there is hope.

Ukekopelli Festival – Albuquerque, NM this was in 2016, but who knows they might do it again.

A great reference for string tone / sound. Video's for each string

Almost a century before Jake or Van Halen for that matter, Roy Smeck

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