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Instruments that I can order.
If it's on their site and they have it in stock I can get it and will be happy to get you pricing and go over the set up options, accessories etc.
Please keep in mind how Covid has impacted production and supply chains.

Instruments in stock and ready to own.

I have decided to keep a certain select Ukes in stock for immediate sale. I have chosen these for their overall quality and value. They are Ukes I feel really good about and represent not only their brands well but but Ukuleles as a whole.
With some many Ukes to chose from it would be impossible for me to stock them all.


Ohana 50 ME series.
These are some of my favorite Ukes period. I personally own them in Tenor and Baritone.
These have solid Cedar (Cedro in Spanish) tops and Laminate Macassar Ebony back and sides. There is debate on "Laminates"  but these are stellar and if I didn't tell people I doubt anyone would be able to tell.
A lot goes into why an instrument sounds good or bad and the build quality on these is excellent far above their price points.
The solid Cedar provides excellent sustain and a beautiful warm tone. Cedar is used in many "Classical" guitars, also a nylon / gut stringed instrument. So these have a lot of the same desirable characteristics.
They use a very thin matt finish with little to no grain filler that I can see. That also helps the wood resonate.
They are drop dead gorgeous to look at with an elegant subtle vibe.
The slotted head stock while pretty to some has a mechanical advantage of increasing the string break angle over the nut increasing the tension and helping the sound.
They also feature beautifully inlaid fret boards the further add to their subtle elegance.

TK50_ME back.webp
TK50_ME front close.webp
TK 70ME 9.jpg

 Another great series in the Ohana line is the 70R series.
They feature a solid Spruce top and Laminate Mahogany back and sides.
These also defy their price point owing much of that to their solid Spruce top and thin matt finish.
These are very loud bright instruments, full across the spectrum but with pronounced highs.
Some love the loud percussive nature of Spruce and it suits some playing styles well. You will have to play them to decide if they are right for you.
Built quality is excellent for their price point and many who have played the ones that have had the full "Pro Level" set ups are amazed at the value. Keep in mind a great set up can work wonders on any instrument and at $150.00 for the "Pro Level" set up won't be for everyone.
These also feature a slotted head stock increasing the string tension on the nut and improving the sound. And to some eyes add additional beauty and elegance to the instrument.

70r ft close.jpg
70r front.jpg
70r back.jpg
70r head stock.jpg

A new series for us is the Ohana 18 OM.
These are stunning visually with a very high grade Okoume' Laminate top, back and sides.
These are made in the same factory as 50 ME's so the attention to detail is abundant.
In addition to the stunning Okoume' they feature beautiful wood binding and Abalone Rosette's with Lotus blossom inlays on the fret board.
These also come with slotted head stocks, pretty impressive at the price point of these instruments.
For someone wanting a great Uke to take out "where ever" these might be a great choice. the sound pretty good and being all laminate will be plenty durable.

18 om front.webp
18 om ft close.webp
18 om rear.webp

CK-25 in Concert
Understated, with classic satin finish and quality hardware -- this series has just what you need, without any fuss. Made in All Solid Mahogany for pleasant, full tones. I like these, they are the essence of a traditional Mahogany Uke, no bindings or bling just an understated all Mahogany build the sound of Hawaii.


CK 25 F.webp
CK 25 S.jpg
CK 25 B.jpg

TK 20 in Tenor.
The soundboard of your ukulele does the heavy lifting when it comes to the tone and timbre of its sound. With our -20 series ukuleles, you get a solid Mahogany soundboard for rich, warm, wonderful tones reminiscent of your favorite beach getaway. Laminate Mahogany back and sides.
Finished in satin to match the warm tones.


TK 20 F.jpg
TK 20 B 2.jpg
TK 20 B.jpg
Lanaki CDST-T solid cedar top.jpg

CDST-T Lanikai Solid Cedar top

  • Solid Cedar top, Mahogany laminate back and sides, with a smooth satin finish

  • Maple binding with wood purfling

  • Deluxe Grover® nickel open back tuners for tuning accuracy and keeping the headstock light for player comfort

  • NuBone XB® nut and saddle for maximum sustain and best tone

  • Wide nut and comfortable neck profile for player comfort (37.4mm nut width)

  • 2 Chrome Strap Buttons are standard for convenience, safety and comfort.

  • The Solid Cedar Top delivers a warm clearly defined tone with projection

  • Acoustic no cutaway

  • Includes 10mm Lanikai padded gig bag

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Lanikai SPST-T solid spruce top.jpg

SPST-T Lanikai solid spruce top

  • Solid Spruce top, Morado laminate back and sides

  • Deluxe Grover® nickel open back tuners for tuning accuracy and keeping the headstock light for player comfort

  • NuBone XB® nut and saddle for maximum sustain and best tone

  • Wide nut and comfortable neck profile for player comfort (37.4mm nut width)

  • 2 Chrome Strap Buttons are standard for convenience, safety and comfort.

  • A Solid Spruce top is a great sound conductor, giving a punchy tone with good projection. The body is richly grained Morado to add tonal warmth.

  • Acoustic no cutaway

  • Single-Ply Natural Maple fingerboard binding / black dots

  • D'Addario® EJ88 strings for tone and reliability

  • Walnut fingerboard and bridge

  • 8 hole no tie bridge for easy string changes

  • Rosette Black inlay 2 stripes

  • Lanikai black nylon 10mm padded plush gig bag

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Ohana TK 14

For the discerning student, we offer an upgrade on the standard with our -14 series. These ukuleles maintain an approachable price while offering upgraded appointments. The rich mahogany laminate is complemented by black binding and Grover geared tuners with black pegs.

These are amazing little Ukes for the price. They are not their cheapest but I highly recommend moving up from the 10 series to these.

You can read and listen to a review on the got a Uke site, it's of a Soprano, but the quality, value and feel will be the same for all in this series.


These are available in all four sizes, I will be stocking the Tenors and Concerts set up and ready to go home with the lucky new owners.

I have all four sizes in the "Demo Fleet" .

TK 14 front.webp
TK 14 back.webp
TK 14 headstock.webp
TK 14 FT close.webp

Sadly this series in no longer in production.
Cordoba 23 Series ukuleles each feature a solid ovangkol top paired with ovangkol back and sides (laminate), rosewood bridge and fingerboard, mahogany neck, and ovangkol headstock veneer. Ovangkol ranges from rich orange to a darker brown in color, and is commonly streaked with gray, purple, or black for beautiful aesthetics. It’s tonally similar to rosewood, with a slightly fuller mid-range. The figure of ovangkol provides a gorgeous backdrop for the abalone rosette and Córdoba logo.
This has my full "Pro Level Set Up" included a $149.00 value. It is brand new and purchased for evaluation. It has fluorocarbon strings to get rid of the wound strings on most sets. It is a beautiful looking, feeling and sounding Baritone. Comes with a new Ohana hard shell case, important with a solid top and a Oasis humidifier.
Price: $329.00


Pono ATD in Tenor

The ATD is dynamic. It will work with any style of music, any popular set of string. Perfect with a low G, showing off a robust lower range, or with a high G, still giving us a surprising depth. This all solid wood tenor ukulele has it all! A refined classic style, glossy exotic woods, and a beautiful voice. This Pono is an excellent value on a professional quality tenor ukulele. It has less flash than some of the other models, but the wood is gorgeous and the tone is very warm and sweet, and the construction is meticulous. 

Acacia is a family of trees that Hawaiian Koa belongs to. This is not Hawaiian Koa but comes from a very similar species. Ko'olau is exacting in their woods being quarter sawn and dried properly. This is an essential factor in the precision you experience with the Pono ATD. 

This is a new instrument bought for evaluation and includes my "Pro Level set Up" a Ohana deluxe Tweed hard shell case and an Oasis humidifier, Aquila "Sugar" strings (my favorite all around string).

The "Pro Level Setup" is a $150.00 value plus about $20.00 for the strings.

Pono's are extremely well made instruments, fit and finish is top notch as good as it gets. They have a truss rod, a rarity in Ukuele's. Pics are not of mine I will update ASAP mine is much prettier and I waited a while to get the one I wanted. It won't break my heart if it doesn't find a new home, but it is not a brand I represent so I'm reluctantly adding it to the page.

Price: $800.00 with an Ohana Olive tweed case.

You can hear a sound clip at

Note : This is a beautiful solid wood instrument, please do not consider this unless you are willing to take care of it.

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