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For the discerning student or anyone for that matter, we offer an upgrade on the standard with our -14 series. These ukuleles maintain an approachable price while offering upgraded appointments. The rich Laminate Mahogany is complemented by black binding and Grover geared tuners with black pegs. Well setup these do not feel like "entry level" or "price point" instruments. They are above average for a "starter" instrument, and being all laminate construction very durable for a take out camping knock around Uke.

SK-14 Soprano List $ 129.00 MAP $ 95.00

CK-14 Concert List $ 179.00 MAP $ 129.00

TK-14 Tenor List $ 209.00 MAP $ 149.00

BK-14 Baritone List $ 249.00 MAP $179.00


Ohana 14

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